TSS Turbine Support Services, Inc
TSS Turbine Support Services, Inc

Company History

Turbine Support Services, Inc. was founded in Canton, Connecticut in August, 1996 by Dean Angerami, Sr. Before starting his own company, Dean worked for other aviation parts manufacturers, repair stations and authorized distributors. This experience gave him a solid and well-rounded knowledge of the industry.

Turbine Support Services, Inc. started out very small, but grew quickly as the company proved itself able to supply the aviation industry with quality parts on short notice. A sophisticated automated system tracks parts and organizes client and vendor information, which has been critical to the company’s success.

The entire team at Turbine Support Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing responsive, professional service to customers, vendors, and employees. To make sure they stay current on product and procedure requirements, the technical staff takes advantage of continuing education and training opportunities through the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA), on such topics as:
  • Quality systems and product information
  • Commercial airlines standard practices
  • Rules, regulations, and procedures of the ASA and the Federal Aviation Administration
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