TSS Turbine Support Services, Inc
TSS Turbine Support Services, Inc

TSS imaging and scanning module in place

Feb 27, 2009
Using Pentagon 2000 software, Turbine Support Systems is reducing its carbon footprint, paper and toner, and is enhancing electronic document storage with a new imaging and scanning module.
Choosing to make the investment for this module shows how Turbine Support Services is continuing to invest in its infrastructure, as well as be environmentally friendly and green.
Some of the components of the document management, imaging and multimedia module include: complete integration of in-house and supplier originating documentation, accepts all windows compatible image, video and audio files, and it has unlimited image file capacity.
It also allows for multiple images per document, it links images to customer, vendor, parts, serial number and warehouse locations. It can scan and link images to receiver, shipper, aircraft, work order and more. It is also fully integrated with all system modules.
It also has integrated documentation configuration management, integrated engineering library control, automatic effectivity check, and supports training videos and audio instructions in maintenance work orders.
There is also one-step document scanning with automated image indexing, it will print, fax, or e-mail scanned documents and images, and it also provides images to mobile or wireless devices.
With this module, employees will be able to work more efficiently as they can access all of this information with the click of a button from their desk. File storage issues will also be a thing of the past with this module.
Turbine Support Services Inc. is a leader in supply chain services, delivering supply chain excellence through innovation, turn key solutions, and customer focus.
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